"I do not hesitate to say that you can be attractive without being immodest. You can be refreshing and buoyant and beautiful in your dress and behavior. Your appeal to others will come of your personality, which is the sum of your individual characteristics."

In general, we view women's modest clothing as:
clothing that is not tight, revealing, shear (showing under wear)
shirts with sleeves
tops that do not show cleavage, midriff (when bending over, stretching)
bottoms that come to the knees, that do not show undergarments when bending over
- conservative hair styles, no extremes or unnatural hair colors
swimsuits that cover the torso, be modest in fit, style & fabric: no french cut, bikinis
athletic clothing: modest T-shirts so that the midriff and back is covered. Tank tops worn should not have spaghetti straps nor be backless and should be modest so that underclothing or sports bras are not exposed under the arms

You can read more HERE and HERE .

We choose to live these standards based on these values.