We are the authors of The Modest Wardrobe

The authors of The Modest Wardrobe are bloggers from different cities and states.  We are mothers, friends and sisters of the same faith.  We are uniquely individual yet stand united in our beliefs and virtues, one of which is very important is modesty.  Although none of us are perfect we strive to be modest in our fashion and hope to be positive examples to our children, friends & family and all women who seek the same desires.  We dress modestly according to these standards and beliefs.  

from: Hawai'i
married to: Mr. Good Lookin'!
favorites: Gelato & Truffles, Family Dates, Music, Surf & Turf
interests: Photography, Art, Interior Design, Cultures
good at: Shopping & Dancing
other blogsWith Love 

from: Salt Lake City, Utah
married to: My college sweetheart
favorites: Spending time with my husband and my adorable 1 YO son
interests: Crafting, decorating, traveling, blogging
good at: all of the above!
other blogs: Oops-A-Daisy Creations

from: California
married to: My Best Friend
favorites: Sushi, Good Books and My Family
interests: Baking, Cooking, Sewing, Party Planning, Crafting and Traveling
good at: making my kids laugh
other blogs: Joy {love} Create

The Modest Wardrobe
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