20 December 2011

Perfect fit for you body | post 02

Before we get into depth about dressing modestly, you need to know how to dress yourself, not just what is popular, but what really flatters you.  You need to choose clothes to help accentuate your assets and cover your problem areas.   There are many things to consider when wanting to make the most out of the way clothes look on you: your body shape, height, age, bone structure, face shape, neck length and circumference, shoulder width, leg length, skin tone, hair color, and even eye color.  Knowing these basics will help you to be able to shop for the right style, color, and accessories....

{Determining your body shape}
There are some easy ways for you to know what shape you are.  You can use a tape measure and find out what your measurements are, get a photograph and using a marker outline your shape {like above}, or even look it up on websites such as this one.  A good tip is to look at celebrities whom have a similar body shape as your own and learn how they use their clothing to proportion their figures- **but remember that they often use photoshop and other camera illusions to alter the way we view their figures.

apple shape

Apple shapes want to wear v necks or wrap around tops to help visually 'break up' your torso. Long tops, long and simple necklaces, flared pants or fuller skirts will even out your proportions.  Wear belts on your smallest part of your body, not your hips, to help distinguish your waist.  Don't wear empire shaped tops or baby doll tops.  Apple shaped women usually have larger bust lines, stomachs and or arms than their hips; sometimes considered 'top heavy'.   A few celebrities who are apple shaped are Sigourney Weaver, Queen Latifah, Catherine Zeta Jones, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Hudson.

pear shape

Pear shapes want to add lots of attention to your top half.  Choose medium to high neck lines.  Layering your shirts and using chunky necklaces, scarves, and even shoulder pads will help to even your proportions and draw your eye up.  Cowl neck tops help to exaggerate the bust line and padded bras add volume.  Wear boot cut, straight, or flared bottoms to help even out your waist to bust ratio.  Avoid wearing baggy clothing, tapered skirts and clothing that draws your eye downward.  Pear shaped women have large bottoms, hips and or thighs with smaller busts, waists and shoulders.  Celebrities who are pear shaped include Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Serena Williams.

wedge shape

Wedge shapes {or inverted triangle} should avoid wearing clothing that draws attention to your bust or shoulders.  Do wear flared or boot cut jeans and avoid straight or skinny jeans.  Tops that help to divide your torso are essential, as well as flared tops {in picture}.  Accentuate your lower half to distract from the top. Wearing bell or circle skirts are your best bet.  Long and simple necklaces will help to draw your eye down.  Women who are wedge shaped have broad shoulders, a large bust, or both.  Your waist  and hips are slim and your bottom is small.  Celebrities that are wedge shaped are Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron, and Audrina Patridge. 

rectangle shape

Rectangle shapes need to wear fitted clothes that define their waist. Use belts and ribbons on your smallest area to create a waist.  Chunky jewelry or scarves will help to emphasize your top.  If you have a small bust then wear padded bras to add volume.  You can also wear boots and bold shoes.  When shopping, look for horizontal patterns or wide bands that go across your hips or waist.  Rectangle body types tend to be boyish or athletic & muscular and are usually on the slim side; with bust, waist and hips around the same diameter.  Many times they have smaller busts.  When gaining weight, it usually tends to hang on your waist or back 'love handles'.  Celebrities who are rectangular include Keisha, Fergie, Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, and Hope Solo.

hour glass shape

Hour Glass figures are one of the easiest body types to shop for but have to be careful not to accentuate the bust or hips too much, other wise it will become immodest.  You need to wear the perfect compliment of fitted and loose.  One way to do that is to use layers.  You can also use flowy  fabrics and feminine touches such as flowers and pastel colors.  Avoid skinny jeans or leggings unless wearing longer, loose shirts and tall boots.  Don't put too much emphasis on your waist.  Women who have hour glass figures are around the same diameter in their busts and hips (no more than 3 inches apart).  They have slim waists and gain weight equally in their top and bottom.  Often considered curvy, or thick and don't have defined hip bones or ribs.  You could also be an hourglass figure and be petite *see below.  Celebrities include Jessica Simpson, Sofia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Heigl, and Scarlett Johansson.


woman need to wear items that will add length to their body.  Wearing fitted clothing that isn't too tight is essential so that their body does not get lost in the fabric.  Flowers in your hair and headbands are ways to enhance length.  Wearing tall sandals are also ways to give the illusion of height.  Avoid wearing chunky jewelry or busy fabrics because that'll add the illusion of weight and shorten your appearance.  If wearing outer wear make sure it is fitted and cropped- not long!  Pinstripe pants are another way to lengthen your image.  Avoid skirts that go pass your knees because that'll only shorten you more.  Don't use oversized purses, opt for clutches or wallets.  Petite women are short and thin. They most often have hour glass figures, occasionally wedge or rectangle shaped, with the rare apple figure.  Petite celebrities are women such as Keira Knightly {rectangle}, Jada Pinkett Smith {hour glass}, Lucy Liu {pear}, Natalie Portman {rectangle}, Eva Mendes {hour glass}, Jessica Alba {hour glass}, Shakira {pear}, Rachel Mcadams {pear} and Dolly Parton {apple}.

maternity & postpartum

Maternity wear is something to consider when choosing clothes that fit your body.  I like to break it up into three stages.  The first stage is when you are just barely showing.  You can wear tops that are rouched, and comfortable bottoms.  They now sell maternity pants that have a spandex top to grow with your belly- or you can simply loosen your top button and keep a belt on.  Wearing wedge sandals elongate yourself as you gain weight.
During the second stage, your stomach is pronounced and you can no longer conceal that you are pregnant.  You should wear fitted maternity clothes NOT baggy clothes.  Baggy clothes will give you the appearance that you are fat and not pregnant.  Wear empire tops so that they are fitted in your bust (remember no cleavage) and loose over your stomach.  Cardigans that are wavy help to conceal weight on your back/love handles while being open for your stomach.  Wear flats to be most comfortable and safe- you'll be waddling!
The last stage is postpartum.  Your baby has arrived and you want to be seen in photos and in front of friends in more than just sweats.  Wearing layers will help to conceal gained baby weight until you return to your pre pregnancy figure.  Wear a wide belt that fits across the middle of your abdomen.  Tops should be loose but not baggy and having ruffles {like the green dress, above} will help to disguise weight in your mid section.  Outer wear should be cropped and fitted, not loose.  A comfortable wedge sandal will add height while walking around with that heavy car seat.

The journey to modest style begins with knowing what your body shape is so that you can accurately purchase clothes to emphasize your greatest features.  Your body shape may change with weight gain or loss, surgery, or pregnancy so it's always good to review all of the different shapes.  In upcoming blogs we'll help you to apply your knowledge of your body shape into your own personal style, while keeping it modest.

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